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Hi everyone, i've been playing doom since 1996 but never had made any map before, so i'hope you like my first attemp.

It's a mix between standard and slaughter map and a metroidvania experience.

The use of mods is not recommended as there may be performance issues

Thanks for your time.

Good hunt and i'll hope you can survive !



  • Doom2.wad file required to play, just copy the file into 'games\' folder
  • Standalone version includes GZDoom and OTEX textures.
  • Standalone HD version includes also HD standard textures.


Name: Hakros Complex

Version: 1.8
Format: UDMF
Ports Tested: GZDoom
IWAD: Doom2.wad
Map: MAP01
Gameplay: Single player and cooperative (max 8 players)
Build Time: 3 weeks
Textures: OTEX (included on standalone version)
Jumping: Allowed and needed
Crouching: Allowed and needed
Freelook: Allowed
Difficulty: Just one UV++
Dehacked file: Yes
Secrets: ~60



hakros_complex_standalone.zip 41 MB
hakros_complex_wad.zip 3 MB

Development log


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Muchas gracias !!!

Me alegro de que te guste :-D !!